Papers from Conferences

UCSMP International Conference Proceedings

Papers delivered at UCSMP's four International Conferences discuss issues in mathematics education across a broad international spectrum: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, N. and S. America. Vol. 4 available directly from UCSMP, while supplies last:

  • Developments in School Mathematics Education Around the World, Volume 4 (1999).

Conference Talks By UCSMP Director Zalman Usiskin

The Common Core in Mathematics at Nine Years: An Analysis

April and June 2019

An adaptation of talks presented at the 2019 NCSM and NCTM annual meetings in San Diego, CA, and the USACAS-11 Conference in Highland Park, IL

What Changes Should Be Made for the Next Edition of the Common Core Standards?

April 10, 2014

Presented at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

The Ethics of Using Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) in High School Mathematics

2010 USACAS and 2012 T3 Conferences

An adaptation of talks by Zalman Usiskin on this topic given at the 2010 USACAS and 2012 T3 conferences.

Mathematical Modeling in the School Curriculum

September 26, 2011

Presented at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Would National Curriculum Standards with Teeth Benefit U.S. Students and Teachers?

March 23, 2007

Presented on a panel at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA, discussing the topic: "Would U.S. Students and Teachers Benefit from Consensus on National Curriculum Standards for Mathematics?"

A K–12 Mathematics Curriculum with CAS

April and May 2006

Presented at the meetings of the NCSM, NCTM, and the Metropolitan Mathematics Club of Chicago.

The Importance of the Transition Years, Grades 7–10, in School Mathematics

April 24, 2004

Presented at the Annual Meeting of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics in St. Louis, MO.

Reexamining the Beliefs Underlying UCSMP

November 9, 2002

Presented at the Eighteenth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

The Shortage of Qualified Math Teachers: A Major Problem and Some Suggested Solutions

November 10-11, 2001

Presented at the Seventeenth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

Teachers' Mathematics: A Collection of Content Deserving to Be a Field

November 11-12, 2000

Presented at the Sixteenth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

Educating the Public about School Mathematics

November 6-7, 1999

Presented at the Fifteenth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

Which Curriculum Is Best?

November 14-15, 1998

Presented at the Fourteenth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

The Beleaguered Mathematics Teacher

November 15-16, 1997

Presented at the Thirteenth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

Pseudomath and Pseudoresearch: Some Consequences of Mathematical Ignorance

November 9-10, 1996

Presented at the Twelfth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

Algebra and Calculus for All?

November 11-12, 1995

Presented at the Eleventh Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

Paper-and-Pencil Skills in a Calculator/Computer Age

November 12-13, 1994

Presented at the Tenth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

Individual Differences in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

November 13-14, 1993

Presented at the Ninth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

What Changes Should Be Made for the Second Edition of the NCTM Standards?

November 7-8, 1992

Presented at the Eighth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

Teaching & Testing in the 1990s

November 2-3, 1991

Presented at the Seventh Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

The Creation and Destruction of a Myth: Either You Have It In Math Or You Don't

April 1991

UCSMP Director Zalman Usiskin presented this paper at the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in New Orleans, held in April 1991.

What We Have Learned From Seven Years of UCSMP

November 2-3, 1990

Presented at the Sixth Annual UCSMP Secondary Conference.

If Everybody Counts, Why Do So Few Survive?

November 11-12, 1989

Presented at the opening session of the project's Fifth Annual UCSMP Conference.

The Fundamental Problems in Implementing Curricular Change, and How to Overcome Them

November 5 and 6, 1988

Presented at the opening session of the project's Fourth Annual Users' Conference.

The Beliefs Underlying UCSMP

November 7-8, 1987

Presented at the opening session of the project's second annual Users' Conference.


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