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Papers from Conferences

Here you can find an archive of past UCSMP conference talks and selected other talks by UCSMP director Zalman Usiskin.

Applying Arithmetic

In this section you can download and view the three-part Applying Arithmetic: A Handbook of Applications of Arithmetic by Zalman Usiskin and Max Bell in its entirety.


UCSMP's English translations of foreign books and International Conference Proceedings are a special resource for anyone concerned with teaching or learning mathematics.

Van Hiele Levels and Achievement in Secondary School Geometry

The Cognitive Development and Achievement in Secondary School Geometry (CDASSG) Project was designed to address a number of questions related to the van Hiele level theory, an elegant theory regarding the acquisition of an understanding of geometry as a mathematical system. Among other efforts, the CDASSG Project tested approximately 2,500 students to examine the relationships between van Hiele level and achievement.


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