Trigonometric Form of Complex Numbers

(use with UCSMP Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry, Lesson 13-6)

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This applet is designed to help you understand the geometry of the multiplication of complex numbers. Begin by inputting the values of A, B, and C into textboxes next the corresponding letters. The values can be of the form x, yi, or x + yi where x and y are real numbers. You can then plot the numbers in the complex plane by pressing the "Preimage" button. Triangle ABC will appear on the graph, and the coordinates of the points will appear next to the values of A, B, and C. If you wish to multiply A, B, and C by a complex number a + bi, you can either enter the values of a and b into the textboxes below the "Preimage" button or choose values of a and b by moving the accompanying sliders. The original A, B, and C will be multiplied by a + bi, corresponding images of points A, B, and C will be graphed, and their coordinates will appear to the right of the coordinates of A, B, and C.