Meeting Standards with Everyday Mathematics

Everyday Mathematics and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM)

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) includes both Content Standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice. The Content Standards specify skills and concepts students should master at each grade level. To help teachers and schools better understand what the new standards mean, McGraw-Hill Education has published a booklet that explains how the Everyday Mathematics curriculum correlates to the new standards.
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Everyday Mathematics and the Standards for Mathematical Practice

The Standards for Mathematical Practice specify "processes and proficiencies" that students should develop throughout their K-12 math education. The Everyday Mathematics authors have distilled the CCSSM Standards for Mathematical Practice into a set of 23 goals that provide a framework for instruction. For a guide to integrating these goals into your Everyday Mathematics instructions, see Everyday Mathematics and the Standards for Mathematical Practice

Everyday Mathematics 4th Edition and CCSS

For educators using an earlier edition of Everyday Mathematics who are concerned with meeting the CCSS, the Everyday Mathematics authors have developed targeted online content support, along with pacing suggestions, to help ensure you have the materials you need to meet and exceed the CCSS.
Everyday Mathematics 2007/2012 Crosswalk
password (case sensitive): CCSS2007support.

For further information on the CCSS visit Common Core State Standards Initiative or download Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.


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