UCSMP authors win awards!

March 6, 2018

John Benson, lead author of the current edition of UCSMP Geometry, has received the 2017 Distinguished Life Achievement in Mathematics Award from the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This award honors one person each year "who has made significant contributions to the field of mathematics education over the course of his or her career."

Wade Ellis, Jr., an author on the first edition of UCSMP Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics, and Ray Klein, an author on the current edition of UCSMP Geometry, have received the two 2018 T^3 Leadership Awards from Texas Instruments. These awards recognize "educators who have exemplified the ideals of the T^3 program - that is, to enhance mathematics and science teaching and learning through the creative and enthusiastic application of classroom technology."

Zalman Usiskin, UCSMP director, has received the 2017 International Achievement Award in Mathematics Education from the Program in Mathematics at Teachers College, Columbia University.


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