UCSMP Grades 6-12 CCSS Lesson List

The 3rd edition of the UCSMP curriculum for grades 6-12 was created before the establishment of the committee that produced the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). So it is natural to expect differences between the content in the UCSMP textbooks and the content specified in the CCSSM. But these differences are quite few and are all due to the placement of content at different grade levels in grades 6-8. (At grades 9-12 the content is not specified by grade so is not affected.)

As a result, purchasers of UCSMP 3rd edition materials for middle school can access full lessons that fill in missing content standards in the first three books of the UCSMP 6-12 curriculum. These lessons were specially-written by UCSMP authors for the CCSSM. With one exception, the lesson numbers indicate where the lesson fits best in the UCSMP course. For instance, TM 8-4A should follow TM 8-4.

Pre-Transition Mathematics at grade 6

Ten lessons are available, identified below. The first five should follow (not substitute for) the lesson with the corresponding number. The last five, dealing with decimal operations, should be covered early in the year because, in the UCSMP curriculum, operations with decimals occur before grade 6.

PTM 1-8A The Absolute Value of a Number
PTM 5-7A Calculating Distance
PTM 6-10A Equivalent Expressions
PTM 7-1A Relationships Between Two Variables
PTM 8-5A Inequalities
PTM 14-1 Decimal Addition
PTM 14-2 Decimal Subtraction
PTM 14-3 Decimal Multiplication
PTM 14-4 Decimal Division
PTM 14-5 Mixed Decimal Operations

Transition Mathematics at grade 7

Two lessons are available.

TM 8-4A Predictions in Situations with Repeated Trials
TM 9-9A Graphing Proportional Relationships

Algebra at grade 8

Seven lessons and a full chapter (including a chapter opener and the normal chapter endmatter) are available. The full chapter consists of a variety of geometry topics; some of these will have been studied by students of Transition Mathematics; others would be studied later by students of UCSMP Geometry.

A 6-7A Describing Patterns in Data
A 6-7B Contingency Tables
A 7-7A Describing a Function from its Graph
A 7-7B Comparing Functions
A 8-5A Calculating with Scientific Notation
A 13-7A Real Numbers and the Number Line
A 13-7B Decimal Approximations of Irrational Numbers
A 14-CO Chapter 14 Opener: Some Important Geometry Ideas
A 14-1 Translations
A 14-2 Reflections
A 14-3 Rotations
A 14-4 When are Figures Congruent?
A 14-5 Angles and Lines
A 14-6 Angles and Parallel Lines
A 14-7 The Triangle-Sum Property
A 14-8 Size Changes
A 14-9 Similarity
A 14-SV Chapter 14 Summary and Vocabulary: Some Important Geometry Ideas
A 14-ST Chapter 14 Self-Test: Some Important Geometry Ideas
A 14-CR Chapter 14 Review: Some Important Geometry Ideas

Grades 9-12

The UCSMP curriculum covers all of the content standards of the CCSS-M.


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