Vector 3D

(use with UCSMP Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics, Lessons 11-2 and 11-3)

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This applet will help you to visualize 3D vectors by allowing you to create and view them in 3D. You can create vectors u and v by inputting coordinates into the text fields in the upper left corner, and pressing the "Create" button. Once the vectors are created, their scale factors can be changed with the sliders to the right of the text fields. Both the cross product and addition of the vectors can be shown with the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner, and you can choose to have boxes drawn around the vectors with the check box next to the "Create" button. A triangle can also be drawn that intercepts the axis. To draw this triangle, click the "Draw Triangle" check box and then input where you would like the triangle to intersect the respective axis, and click the "Triangle" button. The camera can be moved by clicking and dragging anywhere on the screen.

Note: If you can no longer rotate the camera, simply click on a slider once.