Mini Golf and Billiards

(use with UCSMP Geometry, Lesson 4-3)

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This applet will help you to visualize reflection images in the context of two different miniature golf holes and one billiards table. The object is to get the ball into the hole if you are playing a mini golf course, or to hit a ball with the white cue ball if you are playing billiards. To aim the ball, click on one of the walls and click the "Shoot!" button to shoot. The red dot that appears on the wall will be the location to which your ball travels. If you are stuck, the applet can show you where to shoot the ball. Begin by clicking "Trace Start" and then click on the wall off of which you want to bounce the ball. A reflection of the hole along with a sight line will appear to help you choose where to click on the wall to aim your ball. If the reflection is not in your viewing window, you can scroll over to see it. You can also bounce off of multiple walls by clicking "Trace Start" and then clicking on the walls you want the ball to bounce off of in reverse order. (For example, if you want the ball to bounce off the right wall, then the left wall, click the left wall first, then the right wall). Multiple reflections of the original hole will appear to guide you where to shoot your ball. Once the ball is moving, you can click the "Stop" button to stop the animation, and then you can click the "Resume" button to start up the animation again. At any time you can click reset to return to default. As the ball hits a wall, a number will appear to indicate the order and location of where the ball hits the walls.