Graph-Standardization Theorem

(use with UCSMP Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry, Lesson 4-9)

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This applet will help you to explore trig functions. To begin, the first two radio buttons at the top of the applet (sin(x) and cos(x)) will select a parent function of either sine or cosine respectively. The other three radio buttons (Step 2-4) will display a new trig function in blue on the graph that corresponds to steps in the book. The correct parent function for the trig function you adjust is chosen automatically. You can then adjust the different parameters of the trig function with the sliders on the left so that the red and blue functions overlap. Additionally, the random button on the left side of the applet will create a random trig function. The applet will automatically set the correct parent function and then you can adjust the parameters to try and make the functions overlap.