Exploring Chi-Square

(use with UCSMP Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry, Lesson 6-9)

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This applet will help you to run simulations for finding chi-square numbers. Begin by inputting your hypothesized probabilities into the appropriate text boxes in the upper left. Make sure to have all of these values add up to 1, otherwise the simulation will not run (values can be left at 0). Next, input your observed values for one run of the simulation. These observed values will be used to create a chi-square number that the rest of the simulation will compare against. Now you can either find the single chi-square number for your observed values by pressing the "Chi-Square" button, or you can run the simulation by pressing the "Run Simulation" button. This will randomly generate 1000 chi-square numbers, based on your hypothesized proportions, and will display a graph based on the values of those chi-square numbers. It will also show the percentage of those generated chi-square numbers that were higher then your original chi-square number.